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    Company advantages

    R& D

    Create takes innovation as the power that drives the company's motion and speed to market with more than 20 new products every year, Create has a strong and dynamic R&D department that is leading advantage for the company.


    Quality Management

    Quality first attitude is and will be always our company’s core value throughout the complete production process. Create established a laboratory and testing center in 1995, which is verified by UL, GS, EMC, CE and FFU as a certified to Europe and America. The company has facilitated full set new products developing test devices, which has contributed strong Technology Backup and Quality Assurance for R& D new products.


    Manufacturing Advantages

    Create’s high efficiency and vertical integration in manufacturing means; speed to market, high quality and lower prices to customers. Create has 8 assembly lines and several component plants including; Electric Moto, Injection molding, Create has developed its resources beyond assembly lines. 

    Motor Line


    Injection Machine


    Assembling Line


    Cost Competition

    The product with the reasonable cost and stable quality is always one of our pursuing objectives, the Manufacture, R&D, Quality and Finance will be organized together regularly to discuss how to make the cost down as well as improve efficiency under the condition of quality assurance. The solutions also will be followed strictly to make the product more competitively.


    Customer Interest Tendency

    We are always seeking the concerns and requirements from customer and then try our best to satisfy with, the information and consultancy which we collect regularly either from trading or customers directly, are all used for provide the better solutions through the customer interest starting point..

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